Twitter officially launches Music Feature – Report

Twitter officially launched its Music Feature today. As I expected, this new feature doesn’t live up to par.

Link to music feature inside:



Since #music is one of the most-searched hashtags on Twitter, they decided to launch a Music Sub-domain.

They also stuck with their “140” rule. When we post tweets on Twitter, we have to limit our statuses to 140 characters. We are also limited to 140 songs in the Music Sub-domain.

This new music feature doesn’t live up to par because it doesn’t stream full-length songs! Unlike Spotify, we have to become premium members to listen to full-length songs. That really blows.

At the moment, “I’m With You” by Bon Jovi is sitting at #125. Hurry, you guys! Bring them up to #1! Please do it for our lovely Richie Sambora!

I hope Bon Jovi’s label, Island Records, realizes that “I’m With You” MUST be the second single! If Island doesn’t release this song, that will be a huge mistake on their part.


Twitter officially launches Music Feature - Report

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