The Type B Personality

I know you’ve all heard of the “Type A Personality”–the ones who are strong-willed and highly opinionated–but, have you heard of the “Type B Personality”? The B’s personality is quite the opposite of the A’s.

A couple years back, I discovered that my blood type was B-negative (B-). However, I didn’t research the meaning of this particular blood type until today. When I found out what my actual blood type was a couple years ago, I wasn’t the least bit curious as to what it meant to have a B- blood type. But today, I asked myself this question: “Why are you researching this now?” Well… I don’t have an answer for that. I guess my brain just works in mysterious ways.

Though there are tons of articles on the web regarding the ‘Type B Personality,’ I would like to insert my take on it on this blog. Here’s a list of “traits” I dug up online.

Trait #1: B’s Are Relaxed: We do our best to remain calm under all circumstances, and we are not easily frustrated. We are patient people, and we have good self-control.

Trait #2: B’s Are Less Stressed:We tend to plan activities in advance before executing them. We are not that obsessed with being in control of all situations.

Trait #3: B’s Are More Flexible:
We can easily adapt to new environments and changes, and we do not stick with strict routines. We are not anxious to finish our work on time.

Trait #4: B’s Are More Emotional:
We are fun-loving people pleasers. We are very emotional and we often care about what others think of us. Fun is also our middle name.

Trait #5: B’s Are Laid-Back:
We rather spend our time in leisure, than at work. We usually do not possess obsessive-compulsive habits, and we maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.

Trait #6: B’s Are¬†Procrastinators:
We are often criticized for not finishing projects in a timely manner. We put off projects to the very last minute.

Trait #7: B’s Are Too Casual:
We are often criticized for being too relaxed & casual. We are not as assertive as others would like for us to be. We have a hard time making final decisions.

The Type B Personality

All in all, I agree with the majority of these traits minus the “less stressed” trait. Even though I view myself as a laid back, casual individual, I am now more stressed than I’ve ever been in the past. I think it has something to do with aging, or it could be due to the fact that I am a Gemini. (Gemini’s are known for their multiple personalities–more on that in a future post). I find it funny how one letter (in my case: B-) could determine your personality.

Although I wouldn’t choose to major in Psychology again when I attend graduate school in the future, I’m still incredibly fascinated by it. Everyday that passes by, Psychology is everywhere whether you like it or not. If you possess a ‘B’ blood type, do you agree with the traits listed above? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post!

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