The Politician’s Husband – Episode 3 – Promo Video – Who’s wearing the pants? Freya or Aiden?

Freya, Aiden, and Bruce are currently intertwined in the crosshairs of another dirty game of politics. Meanwhile, an emasculated Aiden is up to no good. Freya — who now has control of their marriage — continues to flirt with Aiden’s enemy Bruce in plain sight.

Here’s the promo video of The Politician’s Husband, Episode 3. Also, if you missed Episode 2, here’s the full episode and recap:

Even though this show is unbelievably amazing, I have to say that it is quite scary to watch. David Tennant (Aiden) and Emily Watson (Freya) portray their characters so well that my eyes literally feel like their popping out of my sockets when I watch the episodes. This show is BLOWING MY MIND!

Also, Nanny Dita’s character (Anamaria Marinca) is a bit annoying, no? As suspected, Episode 3 will reveal Dita’s true colors — while emphasizing on the fact that she’s not only a liar, but a gold digger. Dita is now claiming that Aiden made moves at her; when in reality, SHE made the first move. This is most likely an attempt at gaining some cash since she is aware of the amount of money that Freya makes as a cabinet minister.

The Politician's Husband - Episode 3 - Promo Video - Who's wearing the pants? Freya or Aiden?

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