The Politician’s Husband – Episode 3 – FULL EPISODE & Recap, Review

The Politician’s Husband has definitely climbed into my list of Top 10 TV Shows. Not only is this series compelling, this show makes you think. It’s a bit unpredictable in places, but predictable in others.

You’ll see what I’m talking about when you read my review and watch the full episode:


First things first, I’m glad the producers got rid of the Nanny Dita (Anamaria Marinca) character. I’m sorry, but her character was incredibly annoying. As I stated in my previous entry of The Politician’s Husband, Aiden (David Tennant) and Freya (Emily Watson) Hoynes learned how much of a vindictive, mendacious individual their former Nanny is. Dita went straight to the press to inform them that Aiden had tried to “get it on” with her; when in reality, SHE was the one who made the first move. After seeing the news in the tabloids, a visibly shaken and angry Freya came home to Aiden. She then questioned her husband’s intentions as their marriage had already been on the rocks. Aiden was flabbergasted at the fact that Freya actually believed the press.

The next morning, when Freya’s chauffer came by the house to take her to work, a boatload of journalists, anchormen, and paparazzi crowded the front of their home — demanding answers as to what exactly happened. As predicted, this circumstance turned into a game of “He said, She said”; all the meanwhile, Aiden made sure not to mention the fact that Dita had disrobed herself in front of him while he was taking a bath. Later in the episode, Aiden revealed that he will be slapping a libel suit on her for the publicly humiliating lies she’s told the press and for the 18-month employment opportunity that he offered to Dita.

Aiden and Freya’s son Noah (Oscar Kennedy) — who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome — engaged in a physical fight with one of his classmates. During school, Noah wanted to play with a tambourine, but when his classmate refused to share it with him, Noah punched the other student in the face. As a result, Aiden and his father Joe (Jack Shepherd) had to pick up Noah from school. Joe believes that Noah is acting out his aggression because of what he had read in the tabloids. (Noah actually believes that Aiden slept with Dita).

Then, Aiden’s enemy Bruce Babbish (Ed Stoppard) invited Freya over to his home. Bruce — who also works with Freya — made the first move. At first, I initially thought that they were about to get it on, but Freya refused. Bruce basically kissed her on the lips and on her neck, and then she backed off. She came home later that evening, and slept with Aiden instead (due to a guilty conscience). However, Aiden — being the smart man that he is — naturally assumed that his wife had arrived home late because she was sleeping with Bruce.

Next, Aiden did the unthinkable. He secretly slid into his home office, typed up a false proposal about immigrants caring for the elderly… and asked Bruce to present this to the committee. Bruce wasn’t aware that this was an act of deception, so he accepted Aiden’s “offer”. With that said, Bruce was fired the following day for trying to outsource to a private sector.

Since Freya and Aiden’s marriage was already on the rocks, Freya believed this was Aiden’s doing. Low and behold, she found a crumpled up piece of paper (regarding the false proposal) in Aiden’s home office. She confronted Aiden about this matter, and he confessed to writing it. Meanwhile, Joe was listening in on their conversation from a nearby room. Joe was so distraught by the fact that he raised such a deceitful son, that he had a heart attack. The next morning, Joe was unfortunately found dead in their backyard. 🙁 I really liked Joe’s character because he was the only remaining LIKEable character of the bunch. None of the remaining characters are particularly likeable.

So now the producers have written out two characters — Dita and Joe. How will this show play out? I just read that Episode 3 was the final episode. 🙁 I hope that this show gets picked up, and renewed. I really, really enjoy this show because it really makes me think. It’s something new and exciting, not just some dumb, tired old reality show.

Lastly, Freya has mounted a leadership challenge against the former Prime Minister, and won his job; while, Aiden took over Bruce’s former position. Since Freya is now Aiden’s “higher-up”… is Aiden still feeling emasculated by this particular scenario, or is he now embracing this switcheroo — wherein Freya holds the authority? In my opinion, they’re both putting up the facade of “the golden couple”; when in reality, their marriage is far from an actual happy marriage.

I would love for this series to be converted into a feature-film. Said film could potentially provide an answer to the ambiguous final scene. Let me know how you interpreted the final scene in the comments below. Thank you for reading this recap of The Politician’s Husband!

The Politician's Husband - Episode 3 - FULL EPISODE & Recap, Review

Close the pop-up to watch the full episode. Enjoy! Let me know how you interpreted this episode in the comments below!:

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