The Politician’s Husband – Episode 2 – FULL EPISODE & Recap, Review

The Politician’s Husband continues to impress with only its second episode of the series. Aiden Hoynes’ marriage with his wife Freya begins to fall apart at the seams; meanwhile, his nanny Dita has got the hots for him. And, we learn that both Freya and Dita are full-fledged liars.

Here’s the full episode and recap of Episode 2!:


Hey guys! Welcome to another recap of The Politician’s Husband. This episode made me so angry. But I have to say: I’m Team Aiden all the way. Crazy Aiden is so fun to watch.

In last week’s premiere episode, Freya Hoynes (Emily Watson) betrayed and humiliated her husband Aiden (David Tennant) on national television. She reiterated the fact that she does NOT support her husband’s stand on immigration, and that she has in fact betrayed Aiden’s trust. In Episode 2 of the series, things got intense and extremely violent. Freya –who came home to an extremely angry Aiden — admitted to betraying his trust. Thereafter, Aiden did the unthinkable by sexually assaulting Freya. Out of boiling anger towards his own wife and towards his enemy Bruce Babbish (Ed Stoppard), Aiden grabbed Freya so tightly by the arms that she had bruises the following morning. It was incredibly tough to watch Freya getting hurt, and to witness Aiden turning into such a vile, deceitful human being.

The next morning, Aiden subtly apologized to his wife stating, “Sorry. Everybody’s made mistakes they’re not proud of.” He then asked Freya’s chauffeur to secretly keep tabs on Freya’s whereabouts because he isn’t blind to the fact that Freya is attracted to Bruce. Later, he high-tailed Freya at her job thereafter. He even asked one of the cabinet ministers for a vacancy with the committee; but, the cabinet minister didn’t understand why Aiden was asking for such a low-paying job.

Freya continued to fraternize with Aiden’s enemy, Bruce, while she was on the clock. They were standing within centimeters of one another in PLAIN SIGHT! Aiden — who was spying on them from the floor above — became infuriated because she had lied to him about her whereabouts. Earlier in the episode, Freya said she was out with a man named “Drew”; when in reality, she was with Bruce. Do you remember when I had predicted Freya’s infidelity? I told ya! Ever since I started professionally blogging a year ago, I’ve become a very observant person. Freya and Bruce’s infidelity could be seen a mile away! The worst part about it is that at the end of the episode, Freya didn’t even try to hide it anymore. She was sat inside her limousine with Bruce sat right beside her!

Also in this episode, Nanny Dita (Anamaria Marinca), son Noah (Oscar Kennedy), and daughter Ruby (Lucy Hutchinson) went out for a swim. Grandpa Joe (Jack Shepherd) was in charge of chaperoning them, but he was having difficulty hearing because his hearing aid ran out of battery. Good thing Aiden showed up to the swimming pool because Noah had drowned. Oddly enough, neither Dita, Ruby, or Joe realized that Noah had drowned. Then, a fully-clothed Aiden jumped into the pool to save his son.

Noah — who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome prefers to reside inside a camping tent. When they arrived home a couple hours later, he withdrew himself from the rest of his family in the tent. His sister, Ruby, tried to comfort Noah by offering him a sandwich and tea; however, he only opened the tent a little bit to receive the plate and cup. Later, Freya rushed home after she heard the bad news. She then proceeded to COMPLAIN about her son’s disability, rather than to comfort her own son. What a full-blown bitch she is! I CANNOT believe that she is talking bad about her own son! With that said, Emily Watson portrays Freya so well, and this character proves Emily’s versatility as an actress.

The next day (while Aiden was taking a bath), Nanny Dita walked into the bathroom, took off her robe, and flashed Aiden butt-naked. Aiden — shocked and appalled at the fact — immediately told her to cover herself up. In Episode 3, we’ll learn that Dita lied to the press as she announced that Aiden came on to HER, not the other way around. Tsk tsk, Freya and Dita have got to get their shit together!

Aside from Aiden, Joe, Noah, and Ruby, the other characters are awful. The ACTORS are great, but the characters (mainly Freya, Dita, and Bruce) are cringe-worthy. I feel like there are more antagonists than protagonists in this show. Nonetheless, that’s what makes this show eye-poppingly amazing & unique.

Close the pop-up to watch the full episode. Enjoy! :D:

The Politician's Husband - Episode 2 - FULL EPISODE & Recap, Review

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