Take That – Rule The World – Song of the Day

Today’s song of the day is “Rule the World” by Take That. This legendary band from across the pond has been making music for 23+ years and counting.

“Rule the World” — a song that peaked at #2 in the UK — was originally featured in the film, Stardust. Learn more about Take That inside:


In 1989, when a band manager named Nigel Martin-Smith sought to create a male-only, teen-oriented vocal group, he came across a young singer-songwriter named Gary Barlow. Martin-Smith was so impressed with Barlow’s excellent musical abilities that he decided to form a boyband around Gary Barlow. After Martin-Smith auditioned many young male singers & dancers in the following year, he eventually chose four other aspiring musicians in Jason Orange, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, and Robbie Williams.

Take That in their formative years (1990-1996)

Take That in their formative years (1990-1996)

After spending six years together as a group (from 1990-1996), they eventually disbanded in 1996. Gary, Robbie, Mark focused on their solo careers whilst Howard focused on being a DJ and Jason focused on dancing. The British public lapped up Robbie’s solo music, but Gary and Mark’s solo careers fell to the wayside. Robbie eventually rose to superstardom; and simultaneously, becoming the most famous of the five members. His newfound superstardom, however, was driven from angst and revenge against his former pal Gary Barlow. Gary and Robbie spent the majority of their former years feuding with one another because Robbie hadn’t “signed up to be a backup dancer.” Since Martin-Smith had formed this band around Gary, Gary was naturally the lead singer of the group.

In 2005, Gary, Howard, and Mark met up at a pub whilst Jason sat at home. (Jason doesn’t drink any alcohol, so he didn’t join the other three members at the pub). When Gary, Howard, and Mark decided to conduct a Reunion Take That Tour; they asked Jason to come along. Robbie was also invited to re-join Take That, but he was too ashamed of facing Gary again (because of the remarks he made towards Gary and the band all those years ago).

When they sold out all of their Reunion Tour tickets in a matter of minutes, Jason, Howard, Mark, and Gary were stunned. They had been away from the music industry for nine years, and they still managed to sell all of their tickets! As a four-piece pop group, they created two new albums entitled Beautiful World and The Circus (which both shot to #1 in the UK charts). “Rule the World” was released during this timeframe.

In 2009, Robbie Williams’ solo career was beginning to fall to the wayside whilst Take That’s music was shooting to the top of the charts. Later that year, Robbie asked Gary to meet up in Los Angeles, in order to discuss their fallout as well as their 13-year-long feud. After they both apologized to one another for acting foolish & for saying false statements about the other over the years, they became best friends again. In 2010, Take That launched a standard album entitled Progress as well as a deluxe album entitled Progressed as a five-piece again. Their first reunion album as a five-piece peaked at #2 in the UK charts.

Even though Robbie released new solo material in 2012, he hasn’t left the band again. Take That, as a five-piece, will be releasing another album in late 2013.

Take That in 2010

[From L to R]: Jason Orange, Howard Donald, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Gary Barlow

It’s a shame that this band has never made it big in the United States. They’re well-known all around the world except in the U.S. They’re not just a boy band, they’re a man band. And they’re not the traditional “man band” either because they play instruments during their live shows. (Gary plays the piano & tambourine; Mark and Jason play bass, electric, & acoustic; Howard plays the drums; and Robbie plays a bit of tambourine as well).

Here is the song of the day: “Rule the World” by Take That. (It was released in 2007). Robbie doesn’t appear in this music video nor the live performances of this song because he wasn’t involved with Take That from 2005-2009.

I thoroughly enjoy all of their songs (albeit as a four-piece or as a five-piece). Their music is amazing! Give them a listen. 🙂

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