Does Someone Have to Go? – Episode 4 – DFX, Part 2 – Official Press Release & Promo Video

Does Someone Have to Go? returns tonight with Part 2 of DFX Sports and Fitness. Below, you will see the official press release of Episode 4 – “DFX, Part 2” as well as the promotional video.

Will Tom, Brian, and Paige survive the cut? Tune in tonight at 8pm ET on FOX to uncover the answer. Watch the promo:

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Does Someone Have to Go? – Episode 3 – Promo Video – “DFX, Part 1”

FOX’s newest workplace experiment, Does Someone Have to Go?, heads to its second company — DFX Sports and Fitness — this Thursday, June 6 at 9pm ET on FOX.

I am an avid viewer of The Biggest Loser and the NBA, so I am looking forward to this company the most. Take a look at the promo video here:

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