Jon Bon Jovi to guest-mentor on ‘The X Factor Australia’

Jon Bon Jovi will be teaming up with LMFAO star Redfoo to mentor the contestants on Series 5 of The X Factor Australia. I’m a huge fan of Jon Bon Jovi, but I also find it strange that Redfoo chose Jon as his guest mentor because their musical genres are completely different!

I wish the entire Bon Jovi band was there to mentor as well. But it looks like only Jon was invited. Take a look at the pictures:

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Jordan Farmar signs with Los Angeles Lakers; Lamar Odom closing in on a deal

Jordan Farmar has already agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Lakers, and Lamar Odom is rumored to be closing in on a deal with the Lakers as well. LET’S BRING BACK ALL OF THE 2009 & 2010 ROSTER. I am so happy!!

I was so bummed when Farmar and Odom left the team. I hope the Odom rumor is true though.

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Metta World Peace (MAY BE) waived from Los Angeles Lakers – Report

Metta World Peace aka The Most Adorable Laker has been amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers. HE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!! I’m tearing up over here. 🙁

In an effort to save $30 Million, the Lakers decided to waive our beloved MWP (who was our best defensive option).

UPDATE: Sources spoke too soon. The Amnesty Clause CANNOT be used until July 10-16th. Metta is still with the Lakers, until further notice.

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Dwight Howard chooses Houston Rockets; Kobe Bryant responds on Instagram

Dwight Howard — the newest center of the Houston Rockets — LEFT the Los Angeles Lakers; and within minutes, was unfollowed by thousands of raging Lakers fans AND Kobe Bryant himself. Kobe also responded with a photo of himself and Pau standing tall together.

MEH, I never cared for Dwight in L.A, anyway. Kobe and Pau have the best bromance ever. Black Mamba and White Swan, for the win!! <3

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