Bon Jovi, Kobe Bryant, Gordon Ramsay among Forbes’ “Most Powerful Celebrities”

Bon Jovi, Kobe Bryant, and Gordon Ramsay are among Forbes Magazine’s TOP 100 “Word’s Most Powerful Celebrities”. Woohoo, three of my favorite celebrities made the cut!!

A few of my other favorite celebs made the cut as well! Check out who my other favorite celebrities are, inside:

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Hell’s Kitchen – First Ever 3K Run – HK3K

This season, Hell’s Kitchen is following in the footsteps of The Biggest Loser. In tonight’s episode, HK is hosting their first ever 3K Run — or, 1.86 miles.

I’m so proud of Gordon Ramsay. I had no idea he used to be overweight. He’s already run over a dozen marathons, and he’ll likely run more marathons in the future. Video inside:

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Gordon Ramsay, Jillian Michaels, and Abby Lee Miller – The Scariest Reality Television Stars of the 21st Century

Learn about the three scariest reality television stars of the 21st century: Gordon Ramsay, Jillian Michaels, and Abby Lee Miller. Cheers to my attempt at being funny! 🙂

Who’s the most badass star? – Gordon, Jillian, or Abby? Read about it here:

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