Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 16 – 6 Chefs Compete – FULL EPISODE

Here’s the full episode of Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 16 – “6 Chefs Compete”. The Blue Team FINALLY won a challenge with Ja’Nel’s help; and, Chef Ramsay will only be handing out four black jackets this season.

Who was chopped from the competition last night? Find out here:

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Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 11 – Mother and Daughter Divided – FULL EPISODE & Recap, Review

The second season of Switched At Birth returned with an unusually mellow episode, “Mother and Daughter Divided”. The drama wasn’t as intense as the previous episodes — perhaps due to the absence of Angelo (Gilles Marini).

Here’s the FULL EPISODE and review of Switched At Birth‘s summer premiere – Season 2 Episode 11:

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