Richie Sambora to film music video for “Come Back As Me”

Via his official personal Twitter account, Richie Sambora has announced that his newest song “Come Back As Me” is a success, and that he’ll be filming a video for the single. He also stated that this song is NOT about Jon Bon Jovi!

Thank you, Richie! Finally we hear something from the horse’s mouth. I’m relieved to hear that the song isn’t about Jon (nor David, nor Tico). View the tweets inside:

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Richie Sambora – “Come Back As Me” – BRAND NEW SONG

Richie Sambora unexpectedly took a leave of absence from Bon Jovi in early April 2013, due to “personal reasons”. But you know what? This “personal” leave of absence seems more like a dig at the band. (Just my opinion) 🙁

If Richie and Jon are feuding after all… that’s really upsetting to see. Even more confusing is the fact that Richie’s newest fashionista buddy — Nikki Lund — tweeted Richie’s new song. I guess she’s his new spokesperson now. The song, “Come Back As Me” is catchy… but the lyrics just have me ticked off right now.

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