Bones – Season 8 Episode 24 – The Secret in the Siege – SEASON FINALE, Recap, Review

The season finale of Bones Season 8 aired tonight. Let’s just say I’m devastated that Pelant ruined my night as well as every other Bones’ fanatic’s night across the world. Christopher Pelant is such an evil mastermind. I… I just… I just am in awe of his intelligence, yet I hate him at the same time. LOL.

Here’s my review of Episode 24, “The Secret in the Siege”:

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Brennan orders Booth: “You are not allowed to die. Do you understand?” – BONES

In these two sneak peeks, Brennan appears to be a little reluctant about proposing to Booth. Thereafter, when they both discover that Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) is back in town and that he’s after Booth, Brennan gives Booth very specific instructions.

Here are the two sneak peeks of Bones – Season 8 Episode 24 – The Secret in the Siege:

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Bones – Season 8 Episode 24 – Promo Video – The Secret in the Siege

As we await the long-anticipated eighth season finale of Bones, we have many questions running through our heads. Will Brennan propose to Booth? Is Pelant targeting Booth?

A part of me is excited to watch the finale, yet another part of me is dreading the fact that we have to wait many, many months for the Season 9 premiere episode. Here’s a look at the promo video of Episode 24, “The Secret in the Siege”!

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