Switched At Birth – Season 2 – Summer Premiere – SPOILERS

The summer premiere of Switched At Birth Season 2 will air on June 10, 2013 at 8PM ET on ABC Family. As Regina (Constance Marie) continues with rehab, Daphne (Katie LeClerc) grows closer with the Kennishes.

SPOILER ALERT! Are you ready to hear some juicy details of Season 2.5?:


In the first half of Season 2, we witnessed Regina spiraling out of control; especially when she “forgot” to tell her new boyfriend Zane about her alcoholism. Regina and Zane would spend about every waking hour at the bar in which Zane performs in. (He’s actually a session musician who performs every night at said bar). In Season 2 Episode 10, Zane mentioned that he will touring with his band… and that he’ll make sure to “call” Regina when he gets back. However, anyone with common sense realizes that the “I’ll call you” line is a common break-up line. I don’t really think he’ll call her, unless she visits him at the bar again after she gets out of rehab.

Since Daphne is still a minor, she wasn’t allowed to reside in her home all by herself while Regina was in rehab. So Daphne spent her free time at the Kennishes’ country club, and her nights in the Kennishes’ house. Regina unexpectedly returns home earlier than anticipated, and this new familial situation doesn’t sit well with her.

Also, Bay (Vanessa Marano) has landed a new job in her dad’s office. Meanwhile, when she is on her way to work… she runs into her ex-boyfriend Ty (Blair Redford), who just came back from serving in Afghanistan.

You’re probably wondering about Emmett (Sean Berdy) at the moment, right? In the first half of Season 2, Emmett’s mother Melody (Marlee Matlin) invited Travis (Ryan Lane) to stay at their place while Travis gets his issues sorted out with his family. In the Summer premiere, however, Melody will be out of town for a day… so Travis talks Emmett into bringing girls into their humble abode.

On the contrary, Toby (Lucas Grabeel) is preparing for his wedding with fiancee Nikki (Cassi Thomson). When Toby’s mother Kathryn (Lea Thompson) invites Nikki for dinner, Kathryn’s word choices rub Nikki the wrong way.

Source: TV Overmind

Switched At Birth - Season 2 - Summer Premiere - SPOILERS

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