Richie Sambora to miss South African and European legs – Bon Jovi: Because We Can Tour

Bon Jovi officially announced that Richie Sambora will miss the South African and European legs of the Because We Can Tour. Refunds will still be granted if you wish to return your tickets.

Read the official report as well as Richie’s tweet inside:


I’m surprised right now because I thought Richie would surely be back on tour for the European leg, at least. I bet the South African and European shows will consist of many rarities (especially from the These Days album). I hope Phil X continues to do a great job on tour. He’s been doing great while temporarily filling in for Richie.

I might get some flack for saying this, but I think Jon has been handling this quite well. First of all, I think the band has taken a little bit of a financial hit ever since they offered refunds. Secondly, this situation proves that Jon respects his friend’s (Richie’s) privacy more than the cash. Bon Jovi even donated $100,000 to the Calgary Homeless Foundation in Calgary, Canada — which was the first show that Richie missed in 2013. Thirdly, Bon Jovi Management is still keeping hundreds of workers employed (which is always a plus). I’ve always had much respect for Jon, Richie, Tico, David, and Hugh… and I’ve finally come to terms with Richie’s “personal matter”. Whatever he’s dealing with — albeit a family illness, rehab, or whatever — will most likely never be leaked out to the press.

I admit, I was upset last month when Richie missed the Los Angeles show. Now that I’m thinking more rationally about this; this really is his issue, and it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the band. Although Twitter is probably not the best medium to announce Richie’s whereabouts or whatnot, at least he’s doing “fucking great”. If he says he’s doing great, I guess he’s doing great. We just have to wait a couple more months for another official statement from

I really do miss Richie. I really, really do. But, if he cannot or doesn’t want to attend shows at the moment due to a private matter, then… we just have to let that be.

Richie will come back when he’s ready and whenever he gets his issue sorted out. With that said, he’s still my favorite lead guitarist, regardless.

Band of brothers, forever.


Any customer that wishes to refund their ticket to any Bon Jovi show in South Africa or Europe due to the absence of Richie Sambora may do so by returning their ticket to the original point of sale no later than the day before the show.

Richie Sambora to miss South African and European legs - Bon Jovi: Because We Can Tour

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