PSY – Gentleman – Official Video – HILARIOUS

PSY released the official music video for “Gentleman” just a day after he released the single. This has to be the funniest and most creative music video I’ve ever seen! I wasn’t into the single yesterday, but the VIDEO is totally worth watching!

Official Music Video inside:


Ladies and gentlemen, pay close attention to 2:43 to 3:12. THIS NEW DANCE WILL REPLACE HARLEM SHAKE. Since ‘Harlem Shake’ replaced ‘Gangnam Style’, it’s only fitting that ‘Gentleman’ should replace ‘Harlem Shake’.

As I mentioned yesterday, this song was a slow grower. It took me several listens to groove to the beat of the music; now I understand why his label chose this song as the follow-up to ‘Gangnam Style’.

Also, check out the bloopers at the end of the video. Here’s to another billion YouTube views in the making.

Congrats PSY!

PSY - Gentleman - Official Video - HILARIOUS

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