‘Person of Interest’ renewed for Season 3

It’s official! Person of Interest will return for a third season. I hope Grace (Carrie Preston) figures out that Finch (Michael Emerson) is alive and well.

And, Agent Shaw (Sarah Shahi) will return to the show! This is the best news I’ve heard today!



I’m so happy that POI is returning for a third season. Michael Emerson — who plays Finch — sat down with EW to chat about the show.

EW.com had the pleasure of speaking to Michael Emerson:

If you love the Grace-Finch storyline on CBS’s Person of Interest, you’re going to dig what’s coming up.

“[Finch’s] relationship with Grace is central to the end of the season,” Michael Emerson reveals to EW. “The audience will see her in the course of more flashbacks to a happier time, [and] we’ll see the beginnings of their relationship and it’s evolution.”

Also toward the end of the season, said Emerson, we can expect a return from Sarah Shahi as what Emerson refers to as the “very dangerous, unpredictable, kick-ass secret warrior” Samantha Shaw, and also expect the Machine to also be a a big part of the remaining episodes as the show explores “it’s past, its present and its future — if there is one.”

“Although ours is a series that is comprised of standalone episodes, we do have a kind of overarching mythology and that has to do with the life of the machine — it’s origins, its development and its current utility. Or it’s current danger. And so we will go back to that, which I think is an interesting theme to most of the viewers of the show,” he says. “That will be a big story that takes us out of season 2. “

Carrie Preston AND Sarah Shahi are coming back? This is too much! Big thanks to Jonathan Nolan for making this happen.

I really hope Grace figures out that Finch is alive, and I want Agent Shaw to become Reese’s new sidekick! (I know that Finch is trying to protect Grace… but I would like to see them get back together).

'Person of Interest' renewed for Season 3

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