One Direction – Just Can’t Let Her Go (LEAKED SONG) – Audio

Another One Direction song has leaked onto Tumblr! Check out the full audio of “Just Can’t Let Her Go”. I only hear Harry and Liam singing the verses. However, I do hear Louis singing the “Just Can’t Let her Go” echo part, and I think Zayn sings the “Oh-oh-oh” part at the beginning. I don’t hear any Niall though? Correct me if I’m wrong!

Check this out. I love their newer, heavier, rockier sound!

One Direction – Just Can’t Let Her Go (LEAKED SONG) – Audio:

CLICK TO LISTEN THE FULL AUDIO OF “JUST CAN’T LET HER GO”. Big thanks to OmgBattles for posting this song.


Mozella co-wrote this song with One Direction! Check out her tweet:

One Direction - Just Can't Let Her Go (LEAKED SONG) - Audio

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