Miami Heat fan gives Joakim Noah the middle finger – Photo

The Miami Heat have tied up the playoff scoreboard (1-1) after crushing the Chicago Bulls, 115-78, in Game 2. Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls were ejected in this game.

In a truly classLESS act, a raging Miami Heat fan flipped Joakim the Bird. My goodness, she needs to take lessons in Etiquette! This is horrifying and classless. Take a look:

I usually don’t partake in scandals like this on the blog, but when I saw the following photo this morning, I was mortified for HER… and I had to share it with you guys. My goodness!!! This is a moment she will truly regret. Not only is this embarrassing to the Miami Heat organization, this is an embarrassment to her peers. And that husband/boyfriend of hers standing beside her isn’t doing her any favors at all. Not only is he is ENABLING her to act that way, his enabling is plain cowardly.

My question is: WHAT is she angry about?? The Miami Heat whooped the Chicago Bulls…

Source: Sports City

Miami Heat fan gives Joakim Noah the middle finger - Photo

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