Mark Owen – Stars – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Take That star Mark Owen has gone solo! I just found out today that Mark has gone solo. I totally fangirled because Take That is my favorite MANband/vocal group of all time. But don’t you worry TT fans, as this is just a side project.

Check out Mark’s first single from his newest solo album, The Art of Doing Nothing.


Gosh, Mark is still gorgeous as ever! His vocals have dramatically improved as well.

The melody, the lyrics, and the music video of “Stars” are just astronomically perfect (pun intended). Mark as well as Gary, Jason, Howard, and Robbie are perfection. Kthx, bye.

Mark Owen’s BRAND-NEW album — The Art of Doing Nothing — is due out in stores June 10, 2013. Click on this link to pre-order the album.

Mark Owen - Stars - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Mark Owen - Stars - OFFICIAL VIDEO

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