Justin Hartley to guest star in ‘Melissa and Joey’ – Report

Justin Hartley — who has previously starred in Passions, Smallville, and Emily Owens, M.D., has landed another acting job in Melissa and Joey! This is great news because Melissa and Joey is one of my favorite sitcoms to date.

More details inside:


Justin Hartley — aka the tall, dark, and handsome heartthrob — has agreed to play Melissa’s boyfriend in the third season of Melissa and Joey! I’m both excited and upset about Melissa getting a new boyfriend. I’m excited because Justin is HOT, HOT, HOT; but on the contrary, I’m upset because I want Melissa (Melissa Joan Hart) and Joey (Joey Lawrence) to get together. Stat! Melissa and Joey — who previously starred in My Fake Fiancee together — are the perfect on-screen couple.

Oh well. It looks like we’re going to have to wait another season for these two to get together. In the meantime, we’ll just have to stare at Justin’s pretty face. 🙂

Melissa’s boyfriend (played by Justin Hartley) is called Noah. In Season 3, Noah is forced to move into Melissa’s humble abode after his own apartment floods. This love triangle between Joey, Melissa, and Noah is going to be AWKward.

I can’t wait to watch Season 3!

Source: Zap2It

Justin Hartley to guest star in 'Melissa and Joey' - Report

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