Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 – Meet the Women – Red Team

Meet the female contestants AKA “The Red Team” of Hell’s Kitchen Season 11. FOX uploaded these videos onto their YouTube channel.

Get to know the Red Team:


Nedra Harris:

Meet Nedra: a contestant with great culinary skills and an infectious sense of humor.

Jessica Lewis:

Meet Jessica: her determination and focus reminds me of Christina Wilson (Season 10 winner).

Amanda Giblin:

Meet Amanda: she’s wearing a lip ring!

Ja’Nel Witt:

Meet Ja’Nel: she’s so inspirational. Is she the one to beat?

Susan Heaton:

Meet Susan: she’s currently a culinary student.

Jacqueline Baldassari:

Meet Jacqueline: Risotto is her specialty.

Gina Aloise:

Meet Gina: in her eyes, Chef Ramsay is a “sweetie”.

Danielle Boorn:

Meet Danielle: she’s quite the perfectionist.

Cyndi Stanimirov:

Meet Cyndi: a contestant who’s planning to rise above all challenges.

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