Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 – Meet the Men – Blue Team

Meet the male contestants AKA “The Blue Team” of Hell’s Kitchen Season 11. FOX uploaded these videos onto their YouTube channel.

Get to know the Blue Team:


Ray Alongi:

Meet Ray: prior to being cast on the show, he was skeptical of Gordon Ramsay.

Barret Beyer:

Meet Barret: those sideburns and that mohawk have got to go!

Jeremy Madden:

Meet Jeremy: a 22-year-old contestant from L.A.

Jon Scallion:

Meet Jon: Ramsay’s barking and yelling gets him motivated.

Zach Womack:

Meet Zach: he’s currently the one to beat on the Blue Team.

Christian Rosati:

Meet Christian: is he the underdog this season?

Michael Langdon:

Meet Michael: He realized that Ramsay wasn’t acting on the show.

Dan Ryan:

Meet Dan: He would like to learn as much as he can during his stay at Hell’s Kitchen.

Anthony Rodriguez:

Meet Anthony: Chefs must be ready to change, “at the drop of a hat”.

Sebastian Royo:

Meet Sebastian: He was the first contestant eliminated this season.

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