Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 6 – Live Blog and Recap – 16 Chefs Compete, Part 2

I’ll be live blogging Hell’s Kitchen again tonight. I’m on the West Coast, so I haven’t seen the episode yet. No spoilers please!

Join me for the live blog of Hell’s Kitchen – “16 Chefs Compete, Part 2”! 


Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 6 - Live Blog and Recap - 16 Chefs Compete, Part 2

7:17 – Hey guys! I’m looking forward to live blogging again. I wasn’t able to find torrents of this episode online… so I’m waiting for the episode to air on TV (Pacific Time). If you haven’t watched Part 1 of “16 Chefs Compete”, you can read my recap.

7:28 – 30 minutes left to wait. Ah, the wait is agonizing! I can’t wait to watch this episode. 🙂

8:02 – Chef Ramsay is getting ready to eliminate someone from the competition.

8:03 – Jeremy is eliminated because he handed Chef Ramsay a sample plate in the last episode. Although Jeremy was a part of the winning team, he was clearly the weakest of the lot. (He was my least favorite in the competition, so this isn’t a big loss).

Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 6 - Live Blog and Recap - 16 Chefs Compete, Part 2

8:06 – Red Team member Nedra is still bawling her eyes out. Wow, this is a different side of her.

8:07 – Mary is wondering if she’s pregnant or not. She is NOT.

8:10 – The Blue Team is smack talking Mary from the Red Team. Nedra is defending Mary right now! THE REAL NEDRA IS BACK!!! No more crying from Nedra, swearing is more fun to watch.

8:15 – JP is having a tough time. One of the other waiters almost lost her job the other night. Blame the contestants!

8:17 – Tonight: Jessica is the Red Team’s waitress, and Barrett is the Blue Team’s waiter. (His hair looks awful by the way!)

8:19 – Barrett has terrible handwriting, apparently! LOL! Ramsay can’t even read the tickets. AND, Jessica has awful handwriting as well.

8:27 – Ray overcooked the scallops. Ramsay believes that Ray has senior (almost “seizure like”) moments.

8:29 – Amanda served raw scallops. She looks very overwhelmed tonight.

8:30 – Ray and Michael are incredibly annoyed with Dan, and so am I!

8:33 – Susan served undercooked Risotto. And, Jessica isn’t taking the waitressing seriously. Important Rule: Don’t laugh when you’re in the presence of Gordon Ramsay.

8:40 – Ray overcooked the Halibut in the Blue Kitchen, and Nedra handed Ramsay raw pork. Is she serious now?

8:42 – Ray served RAW HALIBUT this time around! Ramsay was so fed up that he kicked all the Blue Team members out of the kitchen!!!

8:48 – SOUS CHEF JAMES IS PISSED! He’s ashamed of his own Blue Team. I hope he doesn’t lose his job as Ramsay’s right hand man.

8:49 – Mary served Raw Pork as well! What is going on?? The entire Red Team was kicked out as well!

8:50 – Both teams lost the dinner service, so Ramsay asked each team to nominate two contestants for elimination.

8:51 – Even though Ray is repeatedly calling Dan “a little bitch”, Dan isn’t retaliating back.

8:55 – The Red Team nominated Mary and Nedra. The Blue Team nominated Dan and Ray.

8:58 – Chef Ramsay took all of their jackets!!! Is he eliminating all four of them? I think he’ll place Nedra and Mary and the Blue Team, and he’ll place Dan and Ray on the Red Team.

9:02 – To be continued… Thanks for reading this live blog of “16 Chefs Compete, Part 2”! I’ll see you next week.

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