Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 5 – Live Blog and Recap – 16 Chefs Compete, Part 1

16 Chefs Compete in tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen! I’ll be live blogging from the West Coast tonight. No spoilers please!

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Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 5 - Live Blog and Recap - 16 Chefs Compete

7:53 – Hey guys! I’ll be doing things a little differently tonight. I’ll be live blogging Episode 5! I’m in the West Coast, so I know East Coasters have already watched the episode. No Spoilers Please!

8:04 – Jessica feels the Red Team is out to get her. Ah, she needs to toughen up!

8:05 – It’s time for the challenge of the week – The “Match the Protein” Challenge. Each team needs to identify the five proteins under the bowls.

8:06 – Blue Team is up first. Boy, they’re a little slow today. Strike after strike after strike.

8:10 – The Blue Team finished the challenge in 10 minutes and 33 seconds! What took them so long?

8:11 – The Red Team are vigorously trying to beat the Blue Team’s time. The clock is winding down. Pick it up, Red Team! You’re not doing that well either.

8:16 – The clock is ticking away… will the girls beat the boys?

8:18 – The Red Team won again! And they won big with 3 minutes and 56 seconds left on the clock. The women are spending the day in Malibu.

8:20 – The men are grinding flour again as a part of their punishment! (They’ll be making bread from scratch). The women, on the other hand, look like they’re having a blast. They’re kinda annoying me at the moment because they’re squawking like Barbie girls.

8:21 – I’m actually just jealous! I want to stay in Malibu for a day! The men have it ROUGH tonight. They’re spinning, grinding, and cooking the old-fashioned way.

8:22 – OKAY, I am REALLY jealous now! The ocean looks beautiful! The waves just knocked down Cyndi. Malibu looks amazing.

8:24 – Blue team member Jeremy gave it his all. And now the Blue Team is a man down. Someone call the medic!

8:25 – Sorry readers! I just realized that one of my plugins was affecting the site. I’ve deleted the plugin.

8:28 – The medic is taking care of Jeremy, and Jeremy also removed himself from the kitchen.

8:29 – Jeremy is alright after all! Medic says he needs to eat more.

8:32 – Each team has 15 minutes to get up to speed on the breakfast menu. They’ll be serving doctors, nurses, and EMTs today.

8:34 – Cyndi is having trouble getting her omelettes out of the pan. It looks like she didn’t put enough olive oil inside the fry pan.

8:35 – The Blue Team is still fed up with Jeremy. They think he’s more of a liability than a competent teammate.

8:41 – Nedra is using the soggy biscuits! Get it together Nedra! Remember when she used to be one of the strongest contestants?

8:42 – Ray put salt and pepper in the scrambled eggs.

8:43 – Jacqueline messed up pancakes. Is she serious now? She served them too dark.

8:49 – Jacqueline is still burning the pancakes. Uh oh!

8:50 – The Blue Team won the Morning Service! Congrats! Since the Red Team lost, Chef Ramsay asked them to nominate two people for elimination.

8:51 – The Red Team are nominating Jacqueline and Nedra. Nedra is bawling her eyes out right now!

8:56 – They put up Mary instead?! WHAAAT??!! They feel Mary is weaker than Nedra.

8:58 – Jacqueline and Mary are pleading their cases. Ramsay told both of them to get back in line.

8:59 – TO BE CONTINUED…. (Oh, and Mary might be pregnant.) Say what now? What is going on? THIS SEASON IS CRAY-CRAY! Who will Ramsay eliminate? I can’t wait to find out!

9:00 – Thank you all for following along!! I really appreciate it. I actually prefer these live blogs!

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