Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 4 – Recap – 17 Chefs Compete

Hell’s Kitchen hosted their first ever 3K Run! Also, Dan & Michael almost got into a physical fight, and Danielle & Jacqueline seriously screwed up the Meat Station tonight. Oh the horror!

Surprisingly so, none of the cooks were kicked out of the kitchen. Full Recap of “17 Chefs Compete” inside:


I thought this episode was mediocre; but I have to admit: I do like this season better than the previous. Season 10 was a train wreck.

Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 4 - Recap - 17 Chefs Compete

Challenge of the Week:

In an effort to tackle childhood obesity, Hell’s Kitchen hosted their first ever “HK3K.” Blue Team member Dan, Red Team member Mary, Chef Ramsay, and a bunch of other runners ran the 3K. The other chefs, however, ran back to the kitchen to prep food for the hungry runners. Mary looked like death warmed over her, but Dan was as dry as a bone. That boy didn’t sweat at all!

The Red Team members are: Amanda, Cyndi, Danielle, Ja’Nel, Jacqueline, Jessica, Mary, Nedra, and Susan.

The Blue Team members are: Anthony, Barret, Dan, Jeremy, Jon Michael, Ray, and Zach.

As soon as Dan & Mary finished up their run, their teammates had to bring them up to speed. Blue team member Zach already got off to a rough start in the Blue Kitchen. He handed Chef Ramsay raw & re-used salmon. That is disgusting, Zach! Get it together, man! Red team member Susan was having difficulty concocting smoothies, so her teammate Nedra helped her with that.

Result: The Red Team won the challenge. A private jet flew them to California’s Wine Country. The Blue Team, however, spent the day cleaning the 3K track (i.e. scrubbing the paint off of the roads, picking up litter).

Tonight’s Dinner Service:

Tonight’s Waiters:

  • Red Team: Cyndi
  • Blue Team: Jeremy

VIP Guests Kristi Yamaguchi and Ryan Hollins of the Los Angeles Clippers dined in Hell’s Kitchen this week. Chef Ramsay was thrilled to meet Kristi, and vice versa.

The Red Team: At the beginning of the service, Jessica wasted huge portions of Risotto. She cooked 5 portions of Risotto, and Ramsay told her off. Jacqueline made the biggest mistake of the night by handing Chef Ramsay RAW chicken. Danielle, however, made the opposite mistake — she served overcooked Wellington.

The Blue Team: Evidently, Dan doesn’t know how long to cook a lamb chop. He started arguing with his teammate Michael during service, so Ramsay pulled both of them aside. Michael was so flabbergasted with Dan because Dan asked Zach for instructions on how long to cook the lamb chop.

Result: The Blue Team won their first dinner service of the season.

The Elimination:

Chef Ramsay asked the Red Team to nominate two people for elimination. They nominated Danielle and… Jessica?! Ramsay saw right through their little scheme, as he sent Jessica back in line. Then, he told Jacqueline to stand beside Danielle, instead.

Result: Chef Ramsay eliminated Danielle.

Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 4 - Recap - 17 Chefs Compete

She never really stood out to me, so I’m not bummed about this elimination.

Thanks for reading this recap of “17 Chefs Compete”! What did you think of the episode? I’ll see ya next week!

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