Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 3 – Recap – 19 Chefs Compete

Oh no! Things have already gone south in the eleventh season of Hell’s Kitchen. One contestant quit on her own terms, and both teams failed to complete dinner service this week.

Recap of Season 11 Episode 3 – “19 Chefs Compete”:


Last week, we learned that Gina & Nedra have an unhealthy, volatile relationship. In Episode 3: they pointed fingers at one other while engaging in a game of “She said, She said.” Gina stormed back into her dorm room, and slammed her door so hard that she broke the ceiling!

Challenge, Part 1:

Note: Before the challenge begun, Red Team member Gina quit the show for “personal” reasons. (We all know that she quit because she couldn’t take the heat).

Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 3 – Recap – 19 Chefs Compete

The Red Team members are: Amanda, Cyndi, Danielle, Ja’Nel, Jacqueline, Jessica, Mary, Nedra, and Susan.

The Blue Team members are: Anthony, Barret, Christian, Dan, Jeremy, Jon Michael, Ray, and Zach.

For the first part of the challenge, Chef Ramsay asked the contestants to jump over a wall. On the other side of the wall, they were faced with a cage filled with live lobsters. Their goal was to grab as many lobsters as they can before Ramsay called time.

Result: The Blue Team caught 37 lobsters, and the Red Team caught 31 lobsters. The Blue Team won the first part of the challenge. (Also, Anthony sprained his ankle while jumping over the wall).

Challenge, Part 2:

For the second part of the challenge, Ramsay asked both teams to clean as many lobsters as they can. Each chef had to extract all of the lobster meat from the shells. Their goal was to clean as many lobsters as they can in ten minutes.

Result: The Red Team cleaned 11 lobsters, and the Blue Team cleaned 8 lobsters. The Red Team won this week’s challenge, so they were rewarded with an 85-foot luxury yacht, delicious sushi, and individual massages. The Blue Team’s punishment was to scale, gut, and portion hundreds and hundreds of fish for tonight’s dinner service. Sous Chef James also forced them to eat Fish Head Soup as part of their punishment. Blegh! That “soup” looked so gross.

Tonight’s Dinner Service:

Retired NBA player Jalen Rose, dined at Hell’s Kitchen this week!

Tonight’s Waiters:

  • Red Team: Nedra
  • Blue team: Jeremy

The Red Team started off incredibly shaky. Mary and Danielle put too much white wine in their risotto, not once but twice! They didn’t realize that they had to burn off the alcohol, so Ramsay asked Ja’Nel to teach them how to cook proper Risotto. Later, Susan served raw lamb! They were all kicked out of the Red Kitchen.

The Blue Team wasn’t having any luck either. Christian repeatedly handed Chef Ramsay overcooked, rubber-y scallops during appetizer service. Ramsay even forced Christian and Jeremy to eat the overcooked scallops. Later in the episode, Jon served a rack of lamb that looked like it was chewed up. They were all kicked out of the Blue Kitchen.

Result: Both the Red and Blue Teams lost this week. Ramsay asked both teams to nominate two contestants for elimination.

The Elimination:

The Red Team nominated Danielle and Mary because they don’t know how to cook proper Risotto.

The Blue Team nominated Jeremy and Christian because they’re both lazy. They don’t have a sense of urgency.

Result: Christian was the second contestant eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen. I thought Ramsay was going to eliminate Jeremy, but I was wrong. I really dislike Jeremy. He creeps the heck out of me! I would’ve kept Christian…

Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 3 – Recap – 19 Chefs Compete

After the elimination took place, Chef Ramsay dismissed everybody but Jeremy. The episode ended there.


Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 3 – Recap – 19 Chefs Compete

Why do you think Ramsay pulled Jeremy aside? Was this for a pep talk, or are we losing Jeremy as well? We’ll find out in the upcoming episode.

Thanks for reading this recap of “19 Chefs Compete”!

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