Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 13 – Live Blog and Recap – 8 Chefs Compete

Here’s the live blog and recap of Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episode 13, “8 Chefs Compete”.

Who will rise and who will falter tonight?



Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 13 - Live Blog and Recap - 8 Chefs Compete

8:00 – Hey guys! Welcome to another live blog of Hell’s Kitchen. If you missed last week’s episode, you can read my recap.

8:04 – The Red Team will NOT be sending Cyndi over to the Blue Team. Nedra will be going instead.

8:06 – Each chef will be working on his or her own international dish! They spun a wheel to determine who cooks what. Mary and Jon will cook an Indian cuisine; Nedra and Ja’Nel will cook a Thai cuisine; Susan and Zach will cook a Japanese cuisine; and Cyndi and Anthony will cook a Greek cuisine.

8:09 – Susan feels stumped by a rice cooker, lol. How will she cook her Japanese dish? Cyndi can’t believe that Susan doesn’t know how to use the rice cooker. Zach, on the other hand, is running his mouth. Yada yada yada. Zach is a total douche.

8:12 – Chef Ramsay invited Food Writer Dana Bowen to co-judge the challenge. Jon scored a point for the Blue Team and Ja’Nel & Cyndi scored points for the Red Team. Who will score the last point? Commercial break…

8:20 – Susan scored the last point for the Red Team. The Blue Team lost another challenge…. and, Nedra wasn’t much help after all. The Red Team will go shopping at the world famous Kitson store!

8:24 – The ladies received $2,000 for their shopping spree. I’m jelly.

8:31 – Susan cooked way too many portions of Risotto. We are NOT off to a good start.

8:33 – Nedra put way too much salt in the Risotto. Her new Blue teammates aren’t happy, especially Anthony.

8:35 – Ja’Nel served naaaasty RAW scallops. I cannot believe it! Ramsay’s star student just failed for the first time this season.

8:41 – Chef Ramsay ordered the Blue Team to organize their kitchen. The Blue kitchen is currently in disarray.

8:42 – Another star student — Jon — is having a tough time in the kitchen while serving nasty scallops as well. THE ENTIRE BLUE TEAM IS KICKED OUT!

8:44 – Ja’Nel served RAW fish. THE ENTIRE RED TEAM IS KICKED OUT AS WELL! Both teams failed miserably tonight.

8:49 – Since both teams lost tonight’s dinner service, Chef Ramsay told each team to nominate one person for elimination.

8:57 – The Blue team nominated Nedra, and the Red Team nominated Susan. Of the two, Chef Ramsay eliminated Nedra.

Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 13 - Live Blog and Recap - 8 Chefs Compete

9:00 – Thanks for reading this live blog of “8 Chefs Compete”! See ya next week.

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