Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episodes 11 & 12 – Live Blog and Recap – 10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete

Tonight, we’re treated to an all-new double dose of Hell’s Kitchen.

Here’s the live blog of Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 – “10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete”:



Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 11 - Live Blog and Recap - 10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete

8:03 – Sorry for the late start tonight! Chef Ramsay just eliminated Barret! I think this elimination was long overdue because Barret should’ve been eliminated in the first few episodes.

Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 11 - Live Blog and Recap - 10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete

10 Chefs Compete:

8:09 – Susan just reiterated my sentiments about plating: “Beauty is simplicity”…. If the dishes don’t look appealing, customers won’t enjoy them.

8:10 – Jennifer Garcia of People Magazine is co-judging the challenge. The chef with the winning dish will be featured in People Magazine! Awesome sauce!

8:12 – Chef Ramsay will be grading the dishes out of 50, and Jennifer will do the same. Then, they will add up both Ramsay and Jennifer’s scores.

8:18 – The Red Team wins again! They’ve won 8 out of 9 challenges so far. Mary’s dish will be featured in People Magazine!

8:19 – The Blue Team will be cleaning their own dorms as well as the ladies dorms. The Red Team will be photographed by Star Watch!

8:21 – The ladies are getting made over! Cyndi looks great!

8:23 – Chef Ramsay joined the ladies in their photo shoot!

8:28 – The chefs will be cooking for the military tonight. Ray once served for the Marine Corps, so this is a very special occasion for him.

8:33 – Nedra just poured cool water into a pot of pasta. She definitely should’ve used warm water.

8:39 – Ray is plating the pasta all by himself, while the other guys just stand around doing nothing. Ray isn’t communicating very well, and Zach is failing to portion the plates correctly.

8:41 – The linguine is undercooked! Oh no! And, Susan dyed her hair blonde.

8:42 – Zach just sabotaged Ray at the pass, while serving cold lobster linguine.

8:44 – Susan is having a tough time cooking steaks. She’s asking the Blue Team for more time because the steaks are undercooked.

8:50 – The dinner service is finally over! Zach is such a loud mouth. And, both teams lost tonight, so Ramsay asked each team to nominate one person for elimination.

8:57 – The Red Team nominated Nedra, and the Blue Team nominated Ray. Ramsay also nominated Zach.

8:58 – Chef Ramsay just eliminated Ray — aka the oldest contestant in Hell’s Kitchen history!

Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 11 - Live Blog and Recap - 10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete

9 Chefs Compete:

9:04 – Nedra feels betrayed by Susan because Susan nominated her for elimination in the previous round. Susan immediately apologized.

9:06 – Each team must come up with their own individualized menus, including 4 appetizers, 4 entrees, and 2 desserts. What do the chefs have in store?

9:14 – The chefs are FINALLY preparing their menus in the kitchen, after an excruciatingly long deliberation. Zach, again, is running his loud mouth.

9:16 – I’ve really warmed up to Anthony! He’s now my favorite chef on the Blue Team. And, Chef Ramsay approves of their menu.

9:18 – Ramsay does NOT approve of the Red Team’s menu, labeling it as “terrible”.

9:25 – The Red Team have fixed their mistakes. Ramsay approves!

9:26 – The Blue Team cooked perfect scallops!

9:29 – Cyndi served RAW branzino. OH NO! And, Zach served perfect steak! Wow, what a surprise!

9:37 – Susan is really struggling with the garnish station tonight, so Mary is trying to help her out.

9:39 – Mary cooked her New York Strip beautifully. Michael, however, served RAW halibut.

9:41 – Michael just got a TIME-OUT because he continually served raw fish! Ramsay told him to f*ck off to the pantry, and to stay there for at least 5 minutes.

9:46 – Zach just served raw meat!

9:47 – The Red Team won another dinner service! Wow, I can’t believe the Blue Team lost AGAIN. They must nominate one person for elimination.

9:49 – Chef Ramsay called all of the women into his office. Um, okay… Ramsay wants the Red Team to choose one person to go over to the Blue Team. And to make things fair, they selected a name out of a vase. Cyndi’s name was chosen, so she’s officially a Blue Team member now. Good luck, Cyndi!

9:55 – The Blue Team couldn’t come to a consensus, so the overall vote was split. Ramsay asked both Zach and Michael to step forward.

9:57 Michael is eliminated from HK11!

Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 11 - Live Blog and Recap - 10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete

9:59 – Chef Ramsay didn’t appreciate the Red Team’s game playing, since they chose a name at random. He wanted them to come to a consensus, not to pick a name out of a vase… TO BE CONTINUED…..

10:01 – Thank you for following along! I can’t believe THREE men were eliminated. OMG.

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