Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episodes 11 & 12 – 10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete – FULL EPISODE

In last night’s epic two-hour episode of Hell’s Kitchen, “10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete”, 3 members of the Blue Team were eliminated. The episode, of course, ended in another cliffhanger.

Here are couple links where you can watch the full episode. Also, you can read my live blog:


Once again, due to copyright issues, “Rheinheld” from YouTube has disabled embedding. So I can only link to the Youtube videos. With that said, I’m really grateful that he took the time to upload the full episodes to his YouTube channel! Thanks again, “Rheinheld”!

Hell's Kitchen - Season 11 Episode 11 - 10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete - FULL EPISODE


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