Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episodes 1 & 2 – Season Premiere – Recap – 20 Chefs Compete

For the first time in the history of Hell’s Kitchen, the Signature Dish Challenge was done in front of a live studio audience… in Las Vegas, NV!

Who else missed the yelling and the swearing? *raises hand*



This season’s cast is the most eclectic group of cooks we’ve had thus far. Not only will the winner of Season 11 become head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV; he/she will also earn a $250,000 grand prize.

Signature Dish Challenge:

Once again, Gordon Ramsay has divided the men and women into two teams:

The Red Team members are: Amanda, Cyndi, Danielle, Gina, Ja’Nel, Jacqueline, Jessica, Mary, Nedra, and Susan. Chef Andi will oversee the Red Team.

The Blue Team members are: Anthony, Barret, Christian, Dan, Jeremy, Jon Michael, Ray, Sebastian, and Zach. Chef James will oversee the Blue Team.

  1. Danielle vs. Barret – Danielle burnt her asparagus, and Barret put too much garlic in his dish. Neither scored a point.
  2. Nedra vs. Sebastian – Nedra perfectly cooked her double-grilled potatoes, and Sebastian served disgusting Shrimp & Salmon corn dogs. (By the way, who serves Shrimp & Salmon corn dogs?! That sounds absolutely repulsive!) Nedra scored a point for the Red Team.
  3. Susan vs. Jeremy – Susan handed Chef Ramsay raw lamb, and Jeremy didn’t have a clue what type of meat he cooked. Neither scored a point.
  4. Ja’Nel vs. Ray – Ja’Nel and Ray seasoned and cooked their dishes very well. (Ray is the oldest contestant in the history of Hell’s Kitchen). Both scored points.
  5. Gina vs. Dan – Gina served bland & undercooked penne, and Dan served an unappealing “Eggs Benedict” dish. Neither scored a point.
  6. Amanda vs. Jon – Both scored points.
  7. Cyndi vs. Michael – Michael scored a point for the Blue Team.
  8. Jessica vs. Anthony – Anthony served raw scallops, and Ramsay thoroughly enjoyed Jessica’s dish. Jessica scored another point for the Red Team.
  9. Mary vs. Christian – Mary’s duck breast was raw in the middle. Christian scored another point for the Blue Team.
  10. Jacqueline vs. Zach – Zach’s eggs were too dry. Jacqueline scored the final point for the Red Team.

Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episodes 1 & 2 – Season Premiere – Recap – 20 Chefs Compete

Result: The Red Team won by a score of 5 to 4. Their reward: free tickets to a Celine Dion concert as well as a Meet & Greet with the legendary singer. The Blue Team suffered through an excruciating punishment: they were forced to travel back to Los Angeles, CA in a school bus without air conditioning. And, the bus ride lasted twice as long as it would take via a regular car – 8 hours & 11 minutes!

Tonight’s Dinner Service:

Tonight’s Waiters:

  • Red Team: Amanda
  • Blue Team: Christian

While the rest of the Red Team studied the dinner menu, Gina played with her puppet. Gina complained about feeling faint & dizzy later in the episode, so Chef Andi called the medic. (However, she wasn’t ill; she just wanted some time to put on more makeup and to style her hair). When she re-entered the kitchen, she cooked her first batch of scallops very well, but she failed on her second and third batches of scallops. (They were cold & overcooked). Gina was kicked out the kitchen, thereafter. Danielle was also kicked out because she couldn’t remember the tickets and because she has never worked in a brigade before. Ramsay also kicked out Susan because she failed to properly cook her garnish, and Jacqueline because she wasn’t in the correct mindset. She just wanted her water bottle. The other six ladies completed dinner service on their own.

The Blue Team also had a bad night tonight. Sebastian handed Chef Ramsay undercooked Risotto and tasteless spaghetti; Michael & Barret served raw lamb, Jeremy wasn’t able to repeat back the orders; Jon, Dan, & Anthony served bland risotto; and Ray stuck his finger in the risotto. All but two Blue Team members were kicked out the kitchen tonight: Zach & Christian completed the Blue Kitchen’s orders on their own. (Zach was incredibly overwrought with stress that he threw up in the pantry).

Result: Although both teams completed dinner service, The Red Team still had six members left at the end of dinner service, as opposed to only two members remaining on the Blue Team. The Red Team won the night. (The Red Team’s reward and the Blue Team’s punishment will be revealed in the next episode).

The Elimination:

Gordon Ramsay asked the Blue Team to nominate two people for elimination. They nominated Jeremy and Sebastian.

Result: Sebastian got the boot because he was clowning around during dinner service. At one point, he called his fellow teammate Zach, “Zachy Wacky.” Chef Ramsay mentioned that he’s looking for a head chef, not a comedian. (There’s always a comedian every season. In Season 10, Brian was the funny guy).

Hell’s Kitchen – Season 11 Episodes 1 & 2 – Season Premiere – Recap – 20 Chefs Compete

Chef Ramsay’s Quotes of the Night:

  1. “Did you pick this up at the buffet?” – On Gina’s undercooked penne from the Signature Dish Challenge.
  2. “Did you throw up on that plate? Whoever eats that is SURE to get the crabs. Let me tell you.” – On Dan’s unappealing “Eggs Benedict” dish.
  3. “You, you, you, you, you, you, you, and you. Kiss my ass! Get the f*** out of my kitchen!”

Chef Ramsay’s swearing must be contagious this season because Nedra likes to say, “Bitch”, every other word. “Bitch this, bitch that, bitch what you talkin’ bout, bitch shut the f*** up,” said Nedra.

How’d you like the 2-hour season premiere? Is it too early to state your opinion on Season 11? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading this recap of “20 Chefs Compete”!

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