Google unleashes a new Beta program – TRY ‘GOOGLE NOSE’ NOW!

Google introduced a brand new feature today: Google Nose Beta! We can now SMELL the items that we search for. (Success, Wet Dog, Airport Terminal — you name it — Google has got your back).

Next time: Google should unleash a ‘Google Taste’ Beta program!


What are you waiting for? Take a whiff of that sweet-smelling success.

Via Google:

Google unleashes a new Beta program - TRY 'GOOGLE NOSE' NOW!

  • Coming to your senses: go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation.
  • Your internet sommelier: expertly curated Knowledge Graphs pair images, descriptions, and aromas.
  • Take a whiff: the Google Aromabase – 15M+ scentibytes.
  • Don’t ask, don’t smell: For when you’re wary of your query – SafeSearch included.

Google unleashes a new Beta program - TRY 'GOOGLE NOSE' NOW!






Don’t worry. Google pranked me as well! Lol, I can’t believe that I actually sniffed my computer screen. Ah well, you live and learn, right? 🙂

Those people in the video clip kept a straight face for the duration of the video. They must’ve had A TON of bloopers for that!

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