Elliott Hulse Shares A Sneak Preview of ‘KING’

Elliott Hulse, one of the most inspiring strength coaches in the fitness industry today, has released sneak previews of his upcoming book, KING. Elliott, 36, is also a YouTuber, motivational speaker, author, writer, and father of four. KING will be available for order less than a week from today on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016. His popular YouTube videos are usually intended for males in their early twenties to early forties, but I’m a twenty-five year old woman subscribed to his personal YouTube channel, his Strength Camp YouTube channel, and his VIP E-mail Newsletter. Go figure.

His videos have brought me out of my darkest of times, and I’m now striving to become the strongest version of myself as we speak! Unfortunately, I can’t “breathe into [my] balls,” as Elliott declares in the majority of his videos (given that I don’t have any), but I can meet him halfway by breathing into my gut. I’ve become stronger because of him. He’s been a virtual mentor for me. I hope to meet him in person to tell him how much he’s strengthened me emotionally.

Elliott and co. are offering a hefty $5,910 worth of scholarships (split ten winners) for his much-anticipated book, KING, in addition to a new “King’s Initiation Course.” He offers specific instructions on how to become one of the ten lucky winners in one of his daily VIP emails. You’ll have to be actively subscribed to see that.

In an online video, Elliott goes on to say that his main objective for publishing the book was to make people very uncomfortable “because that discomfort comes from looking at [one]self in the mirror.” “This book will expose,” he continues. He’s spent many years looking up to Ralph Waldo Emerson, studying Philosophy, and now studying Jungian Psychology.

In another video preview, Elliott offers more advice on possessing a positive, successful mindset. “Forget about trying, forget about making an attempt, forget about testing [your goal] out. Although you may not end up in the profession or in the area that you’re starting out, you don’t want to go halfway. You don’t want to just dip your toe in… you want to jump in hard. Do not try, ‘Do’. Go hard. It requires a tremendous amount of courage to say ‘I’m going to give this thing a chance, I’m going to give it my all, and if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay, but I know that I tried my best’.”

Although the price of the book is unknown, I’ll be one of the first in line to get a copy of my own.

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