“Draw Something” mobile-app to be made into UK Channel 4 game show, ‘Draw It!’

UK’s Channel 4 just announced that they’ll be turning the popular mobile-app “Draw Something” into a new game show entitled, Draw It!

Said mobile app just surpassed 100 million downloads. Details inside:


“Draw Something” isn’t the first app that has been converted into a show. “Angry Birds” and “Farmville” have beaten them to the punch; Angry Birds is currently being made into a feature-film, and Farmville will have its own television series.

Remember when film producers were inspired by books back in the day? Now they’re inspired by technology.

Sony Pictures Television as well as Ryan Seacrest Productions will be broadcasting Draw It! Channel 4 hopes to air this series during the 5pm-ish time slot.

Via Independent:

The broadcast rights to Draw Something, prompted a bidding war, won by Sony Pictures Television and Ryan Seacrest Productions, the company founded by the American Idol host.

The game consists of one player drawing a picture of a word on their device and sending it to their opponent. The other player must correctly guess what has been drawn using letters at the bottom of their screen.

The Channel 4 show will team contestants, recruited through the app, available on iPhone and Android devices, and partner them with celebrities. The teams will compete for gold coins and the celebrities must correctly guess five sketches to win money for the contestants.

Draw Something is expected to run in a 5pm tea-time slot where Channel 4 hopes it will lure viewers away from the BBC1 quiz, Pointless. But it could become a breakout hit like the Channel’s previous daytime game show, Deal Or No Deal.

"Draw Something" mobile-app to be made into UK Channel 4 game show, 'Draw It!'

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