Does Someone Have to Go? – First Look – Series Premiere

Here’s a first look at FOX’s newest workplace series, Does Someone Have to Go? Don’t let the newly truncated series title fool you as we’ll see plenty of drama in this series.

Ooh, I cannot wait to the see the drama unravel. Get a sneak peek of the premiere episode inside:


Velocity Merchant Services (VMS) will be featured in the first two episodes of Does Someone Have to Go? Owner Dema and CEO Danoush will be leaving the power of VMS in the hands of their employees.

As an avid (excuse the pun) reality television viewer, I’m definitely aware that cameras tend to catch the cast members at their breaking point. Even though the camera men are filming all day long, most of the footage isn’t even shown on TV… simply because that makes for boring TV. In order for shows to become a hit, the producers and editors must edit out the dull footage, and instead show the most exciting and most dramatic scenes. And of course, when they sprinkle in some dramatic music & sound effects, said scenes become over-exaggerated and eye-poppingly interesting.

How will the employees at VMS fare with their newfound power? Secrets will be revealed, work relationships will dismantle, harsh words will be said aloud…

I’m excited to watch the series premiere. I’ve also learned that DFX Sports and Fitness will be the second company featured on the show.

Congratulations to all the companies that will be appearing on the show!

Does Someone Have to Go? - First Look - Series Premiere

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