Does Someone Have to Go? – Episode 2 – Promo Video, Preview – VMS, Part 2

Less than 24 hours remain until the second episode of Does Someone Have to Go? If I’m not mistaken, FOX cancelled a similar show a few years back… and that was called “Someone’s Gotta Go”.

Does anybody know if this new show stems from “Someone’s Gotta Go”? If you have any information, please let me know in the comments below.

With just one episode on air, FOX’s newest workplace experiment, Does Someone Have to Go?,¬†instantly became one of the most controversial series EVER. I didn’t see any neutral comments on the ‘net…. and the comments that I read were either extremely positive or extremely negative. Some of those commenters even accused the FOX executives of “being intoxicated” when they officially ordered six episodes of the show. Others, however, stated that this show is a “breath of fresh air”.

I am DEFINITELY siding with the positive commenters. The negative commenters need to realize that this is just a SHOW. Producers and Editors always make scenes appear more dramatic than they actually are. The camera angles, the zooming-in on the characters’ faces, the dramatic background music all contribute to the artificially over-dramatic scenes.

If I’m not mistaken, each company had 48 hours to film two episodes. Since only two of those 48 hours are shown on TV… the producers and directors will obviously show the most dramatic scenes in that two-hour time frame. (It’s a tactic used to increase ratings.)

With that said, let’s talk about Part 1 of VMS (Episode 1). I was very intrigued with the pilot episode because I used to work for a family-owned business. I definitely could relate to what the non-family employees were saying, when they mentioned that they sometimes feel like outsiders looking in. In VMS’ situation, VMS has a total of 6 family members of over 70 employees. Dema is the owner, Danoush is the CEO / husband of Dema’s, Nancy & Tina are Dema’s cousins, Hafez is Dema’s brother, and Kout is Dema’s mother.

In Part 1, Dema and Danoush agreed to relinquish control of their company to the hands of their employees (including the family members listed above) for 48 hours. When all was said and done, Kout — along with Uncle Mike and Zoe — were in danger of termination. The first episode also revealed each employee’s salary as well as what their co-workers thought of one another.

If you would like to see spoilers of the upcoming episode, head over to FOX’s official Youtube channel. For now, I will only post the promotional video inside this post.

Catch Episode 2 on Thursday, May 30th at 9pm ET on FOX.

Does Someone Have to Go? - Episode 2 - Promo Video, Preview - VMS, Part 2

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