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Just now, I impulsively decided to watch all nine regenerations of The Doctor from Doctor Who, and well… the video that I found on YouTube basically illustrates the evolution of technology. [Technology has evolved from black & white to eye-catching effects to full-blown computer-generated imagery (CGI)].

I truly don’t have an answer as to why I looked for the video, out of the blue. Maybe my brain just works in mysterious ways? Or, maybe it’s because I’m a former jock turned technologically-savvy geek? (Actually… I still love basketball & the NBA, but I’ve lost interest in the other sports).

Let’s get back to one of the most kick-ass TV Series to date: Doctor Who. This show will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and I cannot be more ecstatic about it. Though it is more than twice my age, I am extremely thrilled to celebrate this milestone achievement with the other DW fans to be able to call myself a fan. However, I must admit that I have only been fixating on Doctors 9, 10, and 11 til this day. I wasn’t aware of this show before them.

Due to the fact that I am more inclined to modern aesthetics, vibrant colors, & CGI, I have no intention of watching the past seasons of Doctor Who (i.e. the seasons involving Doctors 1-8). However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect them. I am truly grateful for what they have done for the show; and, I wish I was alive back in their heyday! If any country in the world ever invents a legitimate, working time machine, I’m totally down. Be sure to give me a call!

Here’s a sweet video clip I found of all the regenerations thus far:

List of the Actors portraying “The Doctor”:

  1. William Hartnell
  2. Patrick Troughton
  3. Jon Pertwee
  4. Tom Baker
  5. Peter Davison
  6. Colin Baker
  7. Sylvester McCoy
  8. Paul McGann
  9. Christopher Eccleston
  10. David Tennant
  11. Matt Smith

Since I haven’t watched the seasons involving Doctors 1-8, I won’t comment on their acting or their regenerations.

Doctor Who - Watch All The RegenerationsChristopher Eccleston: Though he only lasted one season, he made an impact on the show. Talk about a man who had to deal with the pressure of opening the show after it being on¬†hiatus for¬†10 years (or, whatever). He portrayed a serious version of The Doctor, and he also had brilliant on-screen chemistry with his companion Rose (Billie Piper). When his season ended, I had thoroughly convinced myself that Christopher & Billie were in a real relationship off-screen (but they were not). When his regeneration occurred, I reacted like so: “NO! WHY? What just happened?”

Doctor Who - Watch All The RegenerationsDavid Tennant:¬†When Christopher regenerated into David, I was confused. Mind you, I hadn’t watched Doctor Who before Chris’ season, so I was a total NOOB. I had no idea what regeneration was, and I had no clue that this show was a long-running series. However, all it took was a little bit of research on Google to get me up to speed. From David’s second episode on… I fell in love with his version of The Doctor. Quirky, funny, likeable, emotional–just amazing. Due to the fact that his regeneration was so extremely emotional & powerful, I didn’t think anyone could surpass him. I was wrong. Before I end this paragraph, I must say that I literally bawled during his regeneration. I was like a crazed fan-girl screaming, “NOOOOO!!!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? PLEASE STAAYYY! I LOVE YOU!”

Doctor Who - Watch All The RegenerationsMatt Smith: His first appearance on the show had me rolling on the floor laughing. I love the scene in which he thought he was a girl (because he had long hair). He’s just the funniest Doctor to date, and he has an incredible sense of humor. Although I love, love, love David, Matt Smith takes the top spot for me! He may not be as emotional as David was; but, his portrayal of The Doctor is something that hasn’t been done before (to my knowledge). Let me tell you now, ladies and gents: I am dreading, absolutely¬†dreading the day of his regeneration. My reaction will be bigger than the reaction I had towards David’s regeneration.

Of the last three doctors, who’s your favorite: Eccleston, Ten-Inch, or Smitty? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading my first Doctor Who post!


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