‘Devon’s Life Survival Guide’ by Devon Werkheiser (VIDEO)

Devon Werkheiser, best known for his role as Ned Bigby on the popular Nickelodeon series, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, is back with another survival guide on how to survive life in a new YouTube series, Devon’s Life Survival Guide. The handsome 24-year-old actor, voice actor, singer-songwriter, and musician graduated middle school more than a decade ago, but revealed in his latest vlog that he “didn’t go to high school or college.” I wonder if he’s at least completed some home-schooling, instead? Devon will also be starring as “Jason” in the upcoming movie, Bad Sister, later this year, according to his Wikipedia page.

“I’m so excited to announce that I’m [going to] be bringing you tips again in ‘Devon’s Life Survival Guide’ premiering Monday, January 25th right here on my channel,” Devon ensured his viewers. “We’re [going to] talk about it, guys. We’re [going to] talk about this messy, beautiful life, and hopefully we’re [going to] learn some ways to get through it a little better,” he continued. “I’m so excited to connect with you, hear from you. Please comment what you want help on surviving, what you’re going through, what’s worked for you, [and] what hasn’t worked for you,” he finished.

Are you excited for his newest series? I sure am! I think Devon’s new show will help support those within the age bracket of sixteen to thirty. I predict the teenagers will revel over how “hawt” he’s become (as kids say these days), the twenty-somethings going through quarter-life crises will reach out to him for questions related to career advancement & financial issues, and the singles in their late twenties or early thirties will ask him for tips on relationships & stability.

Devon has yet to announce a regular upload schedule (if any) of his YouTube videos. Hopefully, this series will be a weekly thing.

'Devon's Life Survival Guide' by Devon Werkheiser (VIDEO)

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