David Boreanaz, Tom Felton to star in ‘Full Circle’ – Report

David Boreanaz and Tom Felton will star in the upcoming drama, Full Circle. This is a puzzling cast, isn’t it? The Bones star and the Harry Potter star can be seen on the “Audience” channel this Fall 2013.

More details inside:


In this 10-episode series, each episode will feature a conversation between two characters inside of a restaurant. Then, one of the said characters will prepare a bridge of sorts for another character of the following episode, and so on and so forth. Lastly, in the final episode, all the characters will come together… hence, the title Full Circle.

The actors featured in this series are: David Boreanaz, Tom Felton, Kate Walsh, Minka Kelly, Julian McMahon, Keke Palmer, Devon Gearhart, Bill Campbell, Noah Silver, Ally Sheedy, Cheyenne Jackson, and Robin Weigert.

Source: LA Times

David Boreanaz, Tom Felton to star in 'Full Circle' - Report

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