David Boreanaz to speak at Ithaca College Commencement – Report

David Boreanaz will be returning to his alma mater — Ithaca College — on May 19, 2013 to speak at the 2013 Commencement. 1,610 graduates will walk across the stage at 10:00AM ET this coming Sunday.

Lucky Ithaca graduates. 🙂 David is such a hotty. Details inside:


First things first, I’d like to congratulate all the Ithaca graduates! To be able to graduate with your peers and to have that college diploma in your hands…. it’s an incredible feat to accomplish.

I’m sure the graduates will remember this day forever, especially with the addition of the oh-so-handsome and talented actor, David Boreanaz. (I, for one, would be in shock if I ever saw him in person).

David Boreanaz — who is best known for his stint in Bones, Angel, and The Buffy Vampire Slayer — earned his degree in cinema and photography from the Roy H. Park School of Communications in 1991.

This is an incredible honor for both Ithaca College and for David, himself.

Source: Ithaca

David Boreanaz to speak at Ithaca College Commencement - Report

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