Current State of the Blog – January 2013

Hey guys! How are you this fine evening? When I launched this blog less than a week ago, I created it with the intention of purely writing entries about pop culture. Now that I’m five days into the process, I’ve changed my mind. I’ve had several days to think about how I would like to manage this blog, and I would definitely like to branch out to other mediums outside of the entertainment industry. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I will quit writing about pop culture in this blog… it just won’t be the main focus of this website anymore. Since I’m already covering a bunch of TV shows over at, I want to write about Astrology, Fitness, Psychology as well as other mediums on here. Also: I definitely do not want to copy and paste my work from onto this blog because that would mean duplicate content, and having duplicates of digital work is never good. Never. (Even if it’s your own material that you’re copying and pasting, I definitely do not recommend that).

Some SEO gurus would more than likely frown upon me writing about other categories; because in theory, I should be focusing on one niche (i.e. entertainment). However, I am willing to take the risk. I think the pressure of making the “right” decisions also come with being the CEO of your own website–and, I enjoy having this “power” or responsibility. I honestly do. Whether or not this will be the best executive decision for me remains to be seen. I’m choosing to live in the now, rather than worrying about the future state of this blog.

Thank you so much for reading, and I appreciate all those who’ve taken the time to visit my brand new website! And to those who’ve already liked this blog on Facebook, I can’t thank you enough! There will be a lot more material coming soon, so keep an eye out for that. I’m extremely excited to be able to share my thoughts and personal views with you. It feels like a liberating process. Ever since I took up blogging as a career… not only has my grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, & content dramatically improved, but so has my ability to say what I feel. I’ve always felt that I can express myself better through written words than with spoken words. Blogging has truly strengthened my confidence, and I feel so blessed to be able to share my projects with the world. I would like to continue my work from HubPages on this blog. Though I haven’t written in my HubPages blog in months, I would like to share a link to my previous work. (My articles cover topics such as Animals, Astrology, and Social Networking). Here’s a link to my HubPages account: As soon as I realized that I didn’t own the material (because Hubpages was hosting it–not me), I quit writing in that.

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