Chelsea Lately – Taping – Inside the Studio – REVIEW

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a Chelsea Lately taping with my friend, Danielle! Chelsea Handler’s sarcastic and witty humor knocked me off my feet! She is HIGH-LARIOUS! (And, I don’t mean that she was “high”…. I’m emphasizing that she really is the funniest woman ever).

Here’s my review of the taping! 🙂


Well, let’s start off with the commute. Neither Danielle nor I have cars at the moment, so resorted to taking the subway to the studios. The subway ride was super quick, so that wasn’t a big issue. When we got off the subway, however, we had a bit of trouble locating the studios because it was about 3 blocks away from the subway station. I asked three people for directions — the first two weren’t able to provide me with the correct directions; but, luckily I found a security guard nearby who was able to guide us in the right direction. Low and behold, we arrived two minutes after the cutoff time… arriving at 3:02, instead of 3:00pm sharp. So they put us on “Standby” even though we had our tickets ready. With that said, we were calm like leaves because the tickets were indeed free; and hypothetically speaking, if we weren’t able to get inside the studio… we could always schedule another one.

It turns out there was plenty of space inside the studio, so I was ecstatic to watch Chelsea Lately in person. The crew took an eternity setting up though, as we didn’t enter the studio until 4:00pm. The studio is BEAUTIFUL, but very small. I’m accustomed to large studios holding more than 1,000 people; but, this tiny studio only held 200 people.

Edie Falco — the interviewee for the night — had scheduling conflicts, so she pre-taped her interview last week instead. I was bummed that we weren’t able to watch her interview in person, but she is a celebrity after all. Celebrities are busy, busy, busy.

The comedians who accompanied Chelsea were: Bobby Lee, Loni Love, and Mo Mandel. I was so excited to see Bobby Lee because I watched MadTV growing up. Also, on the Chelsea Lately show, there’s always bound to be some racial tension… as most comedians rely on racial topics nowadays to stir up the crowd and whatnot. Let me tell you, that girl Loni Love, is one funny chick. There was one point in the show in which Chelsea discussed a hippo swallowing a man whole, and then proceeding to regurgitate said man shortly thereafter. Loni — being the witty and quick woman that she is — replied to Chelsea, “I have swallowed a man before. I’ve swallowed a man”. LOL! That comment had the audience RILED up like no other. We are all laughing like it’s nobody’s business, and an audience member even shouted “YOU NAUGHTY, LONI!”

Bobby, Loni, and Mo spent the rest of their segment talking about racial topics like orange chicken, fried chicken, etc. The Chelsea Lately show is the only studio where BLUNT and abrasive jokes are allowed. They were all equally hilarious.

Chelsea Handler and her pal Chuy finished off the show thereafter. The show was extremely short, but worthwhile.

You can catch this episode later tonight on the E! network (May 9, 2013).

Chelsea Lately - Taping - Inside the Studio - REVIEW

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