Bones – Stephen Nathan talks Season 9 – SPOILERS sat down with Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan to chat about the upcoming ninth season. Although the Season 8 finale entitled, “The Secret in the Siege” was quite disappointing to say the least, Nathan has promised to “make things right” in the upcoming season.

Pelant — who is now blind in one eye — has full control over Booth and Brennan’s relationship… for the meantime. You’ll find spoilers inside:

Am I the only viewer who was disappointed with the finale? We waited eight seasons for Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) to get engaged; yet, their engagement was begrudgingly called off in one episode. I understand why the producers called off B+B’s engagement as their relationship was never normal to begin with. They always made excuses about this and that; but, it wasn’t until Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy when B+B’s relationship finally took off. There was absolutely no way to conceal her pregnancy because she is the main character on this show. Since the producers weren’t going to have Brennan (Emily) sit behind a couch all season long, they instated Booth as the father of Baby Christine. Then, Booth happily became a father again — and we cannot forget his first child, Parker!

In the finale, Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) — the evil mastermind that he truly is — forced Booth to choose between his own happiness or the lives of five innocent people. Being the good man that he is, he saved said five people from death…. while simultaneously calling off the wedding. Pelant also ordered Booth not to say a word of this conversation to anyone (not even to Brennan or to Sweets (John Francis Daley)).

Stephen Nathan has promised to “make this right” in the upcoming ninth season of Bones. He can’t say when, but his promise is a guarantee. See the transcription below:

Tell me how the writer’s room arrived at this twist.
Well, you know, we didn’t want anything to be easy. The great thing about these characters — and Brennan in particular — is that this has been somebody who’s been very studied, very rational and very deliberate. And [for her] to finally take this leap, this risk, wouldn’t have been satisfying if it all went easily. So this is really her worst nightmare emotionally — one of the reasons she shut herself down. We’ve seen her evolve through the last few seasons — taking a big leap in the near-death episode [featuring] her mother to live in a way that gave more emphasis to how she was feeling rather than what she was thinking. [Now] all of the things that she feared actually happened. Booth knows this. Booth knows the pain that he’s caused her, [and it’s] the last thing he would ever want to do to the woman he loves. He will make this right, that’s all I can say. When? I can’t say. But I know he will and we know how.

And Booth can’t tell anybody [about Pelant’s orders]?
Booth can’t tell anybody but he might find a way to confide in someone, but it will be someone who we don’t expect.

Will this be the end of their relationship? I don’t believe so. Nathan reiterates that even though their relationship is damaged and that both Brennan and Booth are lying to one another… Booth will make it right someway, somehow. Also, Christopher Pelant will be back in Season 9, but Nathan won’t say exactly when.

Lastly, Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Sweets still feel responsible for the deaths of the murder victims who’ve appeared in the season finale. In the first half of Season 8, Hodgins choked Pelant at a cemetary, eventually deciding not to kill Pelant after all. In retrospect, Hodgins believes he should’ve killed Pelant when he had the chance because he feels deeply responsible for the victims’ deaths. On the contrary, Sweets feels guilty because Pelant hacked into his confidential FBI Psychology files. Every therapy session Sweets conducted with Booth & Brennan, Pelant gained access to each and every one of them. In turn, Pelant used that confidential information to break up Booth and Brennan’s engagement. Read transcription below:

Booth doesn’t believe Brennan is okay with this, right?
No. I think they’re both lying to each other and the longer that happens, the more damage is done to a relationship. And this is a relationship that no one wants to see damaged. So I think it’s going to be that much more painful for us to watch and it’s going to make rooting for them that much more intense.

When WILL Pelant return next season?
He’ll be back int he first part of season nine. It won’t be in the first episode or first couple of episodes, but he will reappear. The first episode will be informed by Pelant, I can guarantee you. Everyone’s life has been affected. You have Hodgins, who feels guilty because he didn’t kill Pelant [and] you have Sweets who now has his entire career at the FBI upended because he feels responsible for the latest deaths because Pelant used his work against them. Sweets is going to have to deal with that fallout. Brenann and Booth, it’s clear what they have to deal with. So everyone is really has a huge hurdle to overcome.

To read the FULL interview, click on the link below.

Source: EW

Bones - Stephen Nathan talks Season 9 - SPOILERS

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