Bones – Season 8 Episode 15 – Video Previews – The Shot in the Dark

With the exception of Episode 12 (Christopher Pelant’s episode), Season 8 of Bones has been a bit too mellow for my liking thus far. But as usual, I spoke too soon. Executive producers Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan will bring their A-game again in Episode 15.

Brennan unfortunately gets shot inside of the Jeffersonian Institute in tomorrow’s episode. Who would ever want to hurt Brennan?! She’s my hero! Video previews inside:

Family Vacation:

Booth and Brennan’s first explosive fight on-screen. I don’t recall seeing them argue like this before! I can’t wait to see this episode tomorrow!

Critical Injury:

One of the most gut-wrenching moments of this season. Booth pays a visit to Brennan at the lab, only to see her collapsed on the floor.

Near-Death Experience:

While in severe pain from the gunshot wound, Brennan begins to hallucinate. Her late mother makes an appearance in this episode.

I must say: this season has been a bit of an oddball for me, considering that it’s been going in circles (from just so-so episodes to EXPLOSIVE, mind-blowing episodes). Has this show been testing out new writers? Anybody got any info on the writers? Nonetheless, this is my absolute favorite show of all time. Even though I could be a harsh critic sometimes, nothing beats this show for me. It’s just perfect. All of my favorite actors bundled and gift-wrapped into Bones–it makes me happy. And I couldn’t care less if the next season isn’t any good because this has been my favorite show from its series debut.

Bones - Season 8 Episode 15 - Video Previews - The Shot in the Dark

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