Bon Jovi to perform on ‘Ellen’ April 23, 2013 – Report

Bon Jovi is set to perform two songs — “Because We Can” as well as a hit single — on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Tuesday, April 23.

Diane Keaton will also appear in this episode. Details inside:



Ellen Degeneres will interview Diane Keaton and Jon Bon Jovi during the episode. I don’t think Richie Sambora will be there though. 🙁 (Phil X has been filling in for Richie on Bon Jovi’s current tour — ‘Because We Can: The Tour’).

Via Ellen TV:

Two incredible legends are here for one very special day on Ellen!

First, one of the most beloved women in Hollywood — DIANE KEATON is here! From “Annie Hall” to “Something’s Gotta Give” to all three of the “Godfather” films, there is no one that’s quite like her. She’s telling Ellen about her new film, “The Big Wedding,” in which she’s starring with Robert De Niro, Robin Williams and Susan Sarandon!

Then, a music legend like no one before him — it’s JON BON JOVI! The incredibly handsome and ever-charming rock star is here with his awesome band to perform their new song, “Because We Can,” from their upcoming CD “What About Now,” and one of their classic hits!

This Tuesday, Ellen is sure to be a classic!

When was this episode taped? I noticed an error in the report above. What About Now has already been released last month, but the article says “upcoming CD”…

Hmm… I guess this is food for thought.

Bon Jovi to perform on 'Ellen' April 23, 2013 - Report

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