Bon Jovi creates Instagram account – Report

Legendary rockers, Bon Jovi, have created an official Instagram account!

I’m excited to view more concert photos in the coming weeks. Thanks Bon Jovi Management! Link to their Instagram account inside:



Click this link to view Bon Jovi’s official Instagram account.

Bon Jovi’s social media employees are busy, busy, busy as they’re now handling four social media outlets — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

However, I do have one gripe regarding their profile picture. Why not upload a FULL band photo? I understand that Jon is the frontman, but I would definitely prefer to see Tico, Dave, and Richie in the photo as well.

I think they should just use an older picture with Richie in it, since Richie is currently taking a leave of absence.

David Bergman — Bon Jovi’s lead photographer — should take more band photos. (Just my suggestion).

Bon Jovi creates Instagram account - Report

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