Bon Jovi – Take Back The Night – Lyric Video

Bon Jovi have released a lyric video of their bonus track, “Take Back The Night,” and the video can be viewed all across the world! I was under the impression that Bon Jovi weren’t going to release this track for fans outside of Japan, but I thought wrong! It’s a fun pop song that we can all dance to, and sing along to while driving to the beach! :)

Lyric video inside:

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My Younger Self

I dug up one of my blogs from back in the day. I called it, “Where cynicism and humor collide.” And guess what? I immediately laughed out loud. Like seriously. Laughed, scoffed, whatever you want to call it. I laughed because I haven’t changed much. My morals are still the same. I’m just an older version of me. I’m just Amy.

Still the same, cynical, yet silly Amy that my peers have come to acknowledge.

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One Direction to split in March 2016 – Report

One Direction will take an extended hiatus after they release their upcoming fifth album, according to reports. Oi vey, 1D fangirls are definitely hyperventilating right now — or possibly even crying — or both.

After five years of working, living, singing, dancing, and chillin’ together, One Direction have earned a much needed vacation. Source inside:

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